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Letter to the Editor

Different words are at top of our list of concerns such as: Covid-19, Coronavirus, Pandemic, daily death toll, quarantine, social distancing. This is serious and of immediate concern!

But, the greenhouse gasses , destruction of the Amazon and other forests and soils continue on. Guess what, Mother Nature continues to heat our planet with increasing floods, droughts, wildfires, heat waves, air pollution, etc. For this, there is no hope of a drug or vaccine for protection.

Our only hope is in science and action like stopping the use of fossil fuels, planet friendly diets, save our forests and soils. Of course global cooperation and action  is essential. Our leadership is needed! Instead of destroying standards for fuel conservation, we need to promote and legislate sustainable  action.

Yes, it is important to banish the current pandemic. But, remember, as others have said, Mother Nature always bats last and bats 1000. We must join Nature’s side and help take the vitally needed action.


James E. Jones MD Physicians for Social Responsibility